SMART MICRO TRADING LTD offers safe passive income coming from our intelligent trading system created by our experts.

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SMART MICRO TRADING LTD is not an ordinary investment or financial management company but a dedicated team of highly skills and educated professional traders with more than ten years of experience. Our extensive knowledge and well-documented economic experience in financial markets and deal-making businesses are what sets us apart from our competitors.

Our motto, 'yes we can,' encourages us to do what we do best even in today's harsh and unstable financial market. We believe that being successful isn't about making short-term returns but creating a profitable portfolio of long-term customers who are confident enough in our abilities and financial decisions, even if that means a few losses in the short term. We have the experience to make financial decisions based on facts on the cryptocurrency market and extensive analysis of events in the present, past, and future.

We use a reliable trading network of experts to analyze the cryptocurrency market and generate our revenues from the daily and long-term trades on the cryptocurrency market. That's why we trade seven days a week and share profits among our investors for seven days a week, even on weekends and holidays.

Our core values

Our core values provide us with a framework for leadership, daily financial decisions and enable us to have productivity at work. Sounds simple, but too often, many companies get caught up in ivory-tower attitudes, politics, and market mania instead of focusing on what makes them shine.

Here are core values and beliefs that define what's valuable to us:


Everyone might want to be in charge, but what makes a good leader is integrity, courage, and vision. Our managerial position is defined by the ability to make bold decisions in a crisis time and take responsibility for their action. A good manager can see what's coming and have a vision of what they want to achieve through honesty and hard work.


Great ideas aren't formed from a single mind. Working as a team develops even better solutions and helps foster strong relationships with customers and each other. It's essential to have mutual respect and freedom to speak out different points of view. The good sharing experience and learning from mistakes and each other builds a successful team of experts.


We deliver on our promises without any excuses.
We develop innovative solutions, put them to the test, and learn from our success and shortcomings.
We sharpen our knowledge by being alert to change and acting fast when we face a challenge. This is how we've managed to maintain a competitive edge.

Investment offer

There is a great expert behind a successful platform--that is why we strive to offer the best investment services that provide you the best profit.


  • Daily for 20 days
  • Minimum $20
  • Maximum $2500
  • ROI 140%
  • Accrual 7 days in week
  • Principal included
  • Instant withdrawals


  • Daily for 20 days
  • Minimum $2500
  • Maximum $50000
  • ROI 160%
  • Accrual 7 days in week
  • Principal included
  • Instant withdrawals


  • 20 Calendar days
  • Minimum $500
  • Maximum $150000
  • ROI 200%
  • Principal included
  • Instant withdrawals

Officially registered company

Smart micro trading LTD is registered in the UK and operates in the heart of London.

Uk Registered Company

Company number - 13100828

Registered office address: Heron Tower, 110 Bishopsgate, London, EC2N 4AY UK


December 2020

Smart Micro Trading Ltd. was incorporated in the United Kingdom in December of the year 2020. This marked the start of its journey as a legally recognized business.

Introduction of the trading system
February 2021

In what was a period of dedication, hard work, and cooperation between a team of mathematicians and experts, SMT’s trading system was born. The aim was to enhance efficiency and effectiveness at work.

Launching of the Investment Platform
April 2021

The company has been going through crucial steps to ensure that all clients enjoy a wonderful user experience. One such step was the design and development of a secure and user-friendly investment platform for clients.

HongKong business establish
June 2021

Smart Micro Trading ltd. plans to encourage members to continue investing and getting in touch worldwide. Therefore, we will present new facilities in Hongkong.

Addition of new payment systems
Aug 2021

SMT ltd. has a commitment to ensuring that customers enjoy earning on the platform. In that light, the company plans to add new payment systems to facilitate all types of members, regardless of their preferences and needs.

Anticipated creation of the Micro-Trading token
Dec 2021

SMT’s long-term goal is to provide the clients with the best experience, hence soar to greater heights and outdo its competitors. The company plans to create a token to improve customer experience.

Android application
Feb 2022

Smart Micro Trading ltd. plans to encourage members to continue investing and become more active on the platform. To achieve this objective,The company will create an Android application.

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Once you have attracted new members to our company, you can sit back and enjoy a passive income stream by collecting a proportion of their earnings.The Micro Trading system provides a platform for you to supercharge your online business presence and make outstanding profits simultaneously.

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Behind a successful student, there is a great teacher-- that why we strive to offer the best possible platform that shows you how to earn.

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Successful trade requires next-generation calculations and analysis. Even when you're taking a break from your computer, our reliable automated trading system won't tire.

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While it is generally known that trading isn't for everyone, we make this part less scary with a delightful machine that makes money for you.